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Single day rental ideas and great camping areas within 60-90 minutes of Premium UTV Rentals pickup location.

If this is your first rental, you’re in luck that you stumbled here first! Here are a few good tips and tricks to help make your first experience an enjoyable one! First things first, ALWAYS have a decent supply of water for each person aboard. Life isn’t typically very predictable so we would rather you were prepared for the worst. You can take a medium sized ice chest with you on these cars (if you’re from out of town and having a delivery, mention that you brought an ice chest and we will bring and help you strap it to the vehicle) to help contain any food or drinks with you. The next thing we recommend is a good idea to have is a small flashlight, you never know when this can come in handy! The next tip is more for those hot rides, be sure everyone in the party brings a light extra T shirt. This can act as a swamp cooler if you wet the shirt and wear it during your rides. This will keep you cool and happy, the kids too!!! Speaking of kids, for littles ones under 5 we recommend a bicycle helmet depending on the child’s ability to hold their head up well. Our vehicles require helmets and the ones that come with the car are traditional dirt bike helmets which are very heavy, so for our smaller patrons (min weight 40lbs) we suggest parents provide these helmets. We have found that the best motto when it comes to off-road adventures is “Hope for the best but PREPARE for the worst” so with that motto in mind anything that might make an unfortunate accident safer and easier, we suggest you bring it 🙂

  • First and foremost is our most popular and closest off road location called El Mirage Dry Lake Bed located approximately 20 minutes from our location. This destination boasts a large dry lake bed with lots of flat riding to be done in these fast cars! This area is an HOV area maintained by the BLM (CA Bureau of Land Management) for safety and convenience, this area also has restrooms between campsites as well as some large picnic bench style tables. This area has NO hookups for recreational vehicles! This would be considered a “dry” camp style only! However, this is a great area for those single day renters who want maximum fun with minimal drive and logistic time.
  • The next popular camping area is called Summit Valley located along highway 138 (the same Highway we are located on but on the other mountain range) this more mountainous area has great scenery.n This is where you can find small creeks to get your feet wet and cool off during break times. This area also has a large lake nearby called Silverwood Lake. Silverwood Lake recreational area contains partial RV hookups in some of their campsites, however they do fill up quickly so call ahead for reservations. Silverwood campsites phone number is (760) 389-2281, do keep in mind that the RV campsites located in Silverwood lake ARE NOT DIRECTLY connected to the OHV (off road toys) trails and MUST BE trailered to your chosen trail location. This area has beautiful views and an array of hidden trails and hiking paths that our High Desert has to offer! Trails like Cleghorn, Summit valley trail and Honda valley are just a few examples of the well known off road trails and designated areas.
  • Next on our list of recommended camping/off roading areas is…… JOHNSON VALLEY. This massive BLM/State and privately owned off-road riding area is home to many popular UTV events such as King of the Hammers which is when the rock crawlers give it their best shot sometime in the month of Jan/Feb. This large off road desert style area is a vast several hundred square acres of nothing but dirt, trails, rocks and off roaders as far as the eye can see. This area has great animals sightings, gorgeous unique desert plant life and plenty of room for those more long legged adventures. There are no RV hookups within most off road areas in this destination though, sorry! Lucerne Valley does host some restaurants and gas stations for supplies and such, this is only a short drive from most campsites within johnson valley.
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